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4th International Mobile Developers Conference MBLTdev 2017 is a platform for upgrading skills and joining a professional community of experienced and talented developers. Learn the recent iOS & Android trends and best practices by attending talks delivered by speakers from Europe, Silicon Valley and Russia. Find out new approaches and tools, ask questions to experts and get insights to boost your professional growth. Connect with the mobile development leaders by having meaningful conversations. See you at the MBLTdev 2017!

Conference Report

The 4th International Mobile Developers Conference was held on the 27th of October in Moscow.

The conference has united 600 participants: iOS & Android developers, QA engineers, analytics, tech leads, product owners and other professionals. The conference agenda was divided into four flows and consisted of talks, quizzes and Codelabs.

25 representatives of such companies as Google, Uber, Avito, Fyusion, Sharewire, Tinkoff, PSPDFKit, Agoda and other brands have delivered talks sharing the hottest mobile development trends and shared personal experiences and expertise. The conference has highlighted such topics as app performance and responsiveness, fast and convenient support of apps, AR-interactions, Core ML, animations, Audio Unit Extension, teamwork, etc.

Main Hall

Zac Sweers, Android Developer from Uber, has delivered an opening keynote talk. He has shared the way that Uber-team uses code generation tools to eliminate a class of issues and sources of developer boilerplate. Together with Zac, the participants have dived into the automatization opportunities, libraries and some tricks.

iOS Developer Luke Parham works at Fyusion and also creates tutorials for His talk has covered tricks that help tracking every dropped frame in an app and which tools to use in order to make an app work faster. Namely, Luke has explained how to work with the Time Profiler, Core Animation, and Activity Trace.

Ivan Љkoric from PSPDFKit has demonstrated effectively chaining Android animations using RxJava2 and Kotlin: lifting the animation logic into the RxJava chains makes the whole process ‘reactive’ with much nicer syntax and better control flow management.

Vladimir Ozerov and Alexey Ulyenkov from Sberbank have shown all the issues related to the Core Data device: stack, configurations, repositories. Android Developer Oleksandr Tolstykh, Sharewire, has shared tools and approaches that let improve the development quality with minimum efforts.

Alex Curylo from Agoda has delivered a final inspiring and interactive keynote talk. He has demonstrated Core Location implementation that helps create an AR-interaction connected to the real objects. Together with Alex, the conference participants have discussed the future of the technology: the way it can improve diverse fields such as retail and navigation in public spaces.

Apart from the talks, the audience was offered to take part in additional fun activities: the Android Quiz held by e-Legion team and iOS Quiz organized by CocoaHeads. The winners got tickets to the MBLTdev 2018, cool t-shirts, Ray Wenderlich books, JetBrains & Skyeng certificates.

Hall 2

Ilya Kulebyakin, iOS Team Lead at e-Legion, has delivered a talk covering recommendations on how to work with Legacy Projects. A selection of valuable do's and don'ts based on personal experience is aimed at helping developers save time and enjoy such kind of development.

Nikolay Nesterov, Avito, has demonstrated the advantages of static analyzers and explained how to reduce the amount of routine while having a code review with the help of Android Lint ? Android Studio.

iOS Developer Kirill Klebanov from Surf has delivered a talk on the Core ML and its practical implementation. Taking a look at the "Labyrinth" application case, the audience has learnt how the visual search is organized and the way the mobile neural networks work. The talk has caused a great discussion.

Danil Ternovykh, Android Developer of the Wallet App, has presented the custom Layout Manager for RecyclerView. Nikita Arkhipov from Anvics has demonstrated an architecture developed on the basis of Redux and Elm using Rx that helps. The final talk by iOS Developer Viktor Starikov from VoltMobi was devoted to the Audio Unit Extension: capabilities, creation, and application.

Hall 3

The first talk given by Makar Stetsenko from Silicon Valley Insight. Makar has explained how to start working with GraphQL and to apply it for the native apps developed with Swift and Kotlin. Vladimir Tebloev from Sberbank has shown the DI frameworks for Android applications and problems of code generation by taking a look at the example of Dagger 2 on large projects. Kirill Bessonov has shared his experience of building a virtual mobile operator for Tinkoff. Android Developer Dmitry Kuzmin together with Designer Lev Bruk from Alfa-Bank have presented their way to systematize graphic resources use: creating, storing and reusing icons for different platforms.

Zviad Kardava from Google has demonstrated tips & tricks on how to work with cross-platform UI framework Flutter which has been presented at Google I/O 2017. This SDK fits to both iOS and Android and thus minimize time resources. Flutter also simplifies the interaction between developers and designers.

Ilya Linnik from Evotor has delivered a talk on the microservice architecture on a mobile device. Android Team Lead Nikita Kleschin & iOS Team Lead Timur Nurov from Group have shared the components and functionality of the Delivery Club app and also shared the challenges they have to overcome while building this app.


The conference participants were invited to take part in Codelabs that were held for the first time in the history of the MBLTdev. Cocoaheads have prepared four sessions where everyone could solve algorithmic tasks, integrate approaches, debug and review the code. Android Codelabs organized by Zviad Kardava from Google has demonstrated the practical implementation of Flutter.


As usual, the MBLTdev 2017 has become a platform for experience and knowledge exchange, a place to meet colleagues and establish new contacts, learn from peers and get cool impressions.

The conference partners Group, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Evotor have prepared quizzes and competitions. The winners got amazing presents: LEGO, folding bikes, t-shirts, etc. Participants have also talked to the Alantim robot, tried neurohelmet on and made a photo with Scarlett Johansson.

See you next year at the MBLTdev 2018!


Zac Sweers
Android Developer
Alex Curylo
Founder of Trollwerks Inc., Senior Developer at
Luke Parham
iOS Engineer
Ivan Škorić
Android Engineer
Zviad Kardava
Google Developer Expert & Developer Relations
Oleksandr Tolstykh
Head of Mobile Development
Kirill Bessonov
Mobile App Architect at Tinkoff Mobile (MVNO)
Mail.Ru Group
Nikita Kleschin
Android Team Leader at Delivery Club
Mail.Ru Group
Timur Nurov
iOS Team Lead at Delivery Club
Vladimir Ozerov
iOS Developer
Alexey Ulyenkov
iOS Developer
Dmitry Kuzmin
Senior Developer
Lev Bruk
Digital Product Designer
Vladimir Tebloev
Android Developer
Silicon Valley Insight
Makar Stetsenko
iOS Engineer
Wallet App
Danil Ternovykh
Senior Android Developer
Ilya Linnik
Development Team Manager
Ilya Kulebyakin
iOS Team Lead
Nikolay Nesterov
Mobile Development Team Leader
Nikita Arkhipov
CEO & Lead iOS Developer
Kirill Averyanov
iOS Developer
Kirill Klebanov
iOS Developer
Nikita Maidanov
iOS Developer
Sam Mejlumyan
iOS Developer
VoltMobi LLC
Viktor Starikov
iOS Developer



Welcome Speech


Zac Sweers, Uber

Code Generating Your Way to Happiness

Zac Sweers
This talk details how the Uber team uses code generation tools to eliminate a class of issues and sources of developer boilerplate. This covers areas primed for this kind of work, recognizing the opportunity to automate this kind of work, and covers some libraries they have built along the way.

Luke Parham, Fyusion

Gotta Go Fast: Building for Speed in iOS

Luke Parham
You will learn how to track every dropped frame in your app and which tools to use in order to make your app work faster.

Ivan Škorić, PSPDFKit

Android Animations Powered by Kotlin and RXJava2

Ivan Škorić
This talk is about effectively chaining Android animations using RxJava2 and Kotlin (for even further simplicity, everything still compatible with Java). When animating UI elements, the Android framework provides listeners for various animation events such as started, cancelled, stopped, etc. What we’ll be doing here is lifting the animation logic into the RxJava chains, thus making the whole process ‘reactive’ with much nicer syntax and better control flow management.

Android Quiz




iOS Quiz


Zviad Kardava, Google

Flutter — Cross Platfom UI Framework

Zviad Kardava
Learn tips & trics on how to work with Flutter. It is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android. With Flutter's modern reactive framework you can easily compose your UI and rich set of platform, layout, and foundation widgets. Solve your tough UI challenges with powerful and flexible APIs for 2D, animation, gestures, effects, and more.

Oleksandr Tolstykh, Sharewire

The Android Story: Quality, Performance, Stability

Oleksandr Tolstykh
The talk covers tools and approaches that allow mobile engineers to increase the quality of development with minimal effort. Thanks to these tools, not only the quality of the final product is improved, but also the quality of the development process itself. We will discuss code quality, performance and product stability, as well as speed and convenience of the development processes. All the techniques and technologies are tested on a large number of existing projects and are ready to be actively re-used.

Alex Curylo,

The Reality Side of AR

Alex Curylo
The excitement so far with ARKit has centered on making AR objects react to the real world. How about making AR objects part of that world? In this talk, Alex will explore the use of Core Location to create an AR experience anchored on real world locations to enhance everything from retail and museum fixed navigation through dynamic crowd control applications.

Ilya Kulebyakin, e-Legion

The Legacy Cookbook

Ilya Kulebyakin
How to work with Legacy Projects and enjoy such kind of development. A selection of do's and don'ts.

Danil Ternovykh, Wallet App

How We Revive Cards

Danil Ternovykh
This talk dives into the custom layout manager for RecyclerView.

Nikita Arkhipov, Anvics

Amber: Flexible & Convenient iOS Architecture Based on Redux & Elm

Nikita Arkhipov
This talk presents the new architecture developed on the basis of Redux and Elm using Rx. Nikita will explain the concept and where to apply it. He will also share the tips and tricks on how to solve different problems with the help of this architecture.



Nikolay Nesterov, Avito

Check Thrice & Merge Once

Nikolay Nesterov
The talk dives into the advantages of static analyzers. Own rules for Android Lint and Android Studio help to reduce the amount of routine while having a code review. Is it true? How do we write & implement these static analyzers?

Kirill Klebanov, Surf

CoreML & Its Practical Implementation

Kirill Klebanov
Using the example of the "Labyrinth" application, Kirill will demonstrate how to implement the item visual search. The application finds any of the 180,000 books from the store database by the cover image. We will dive into the architecture of mobile neural networks and assemble our own. We will also estimate how quickly and well it works.

Viktor Starikov, VoltMobi LLC

Using the Audio Unit Extension to Generate and Process Audio

Viktor Starikov
Audio Unit Extension is a technology that appeared in iOS 9. It allows you to create DSP-modules that implement the conversion and creation of audio signals that can be used from other applications that support this functionality. For example, you can create your own synthesizer, drum machine or sound effect, which can be connected to the Garage Band. The talk covers the capabilities of these extensions, the way they are created and the extensions that are provided with the application.

Makar Stetsenko, Silicon Valley Insight

The Jedi Path: From REST to GraphQL

Makar Stetsenko
This talk will get you up to speed with GraphQL. We will discuss common misconceptions around GraphQL and see how to start using it in native apps written in Swift and Kotlin.

Vladimir Tebloev, Sberbank

Dependency Injection for 4 Dex Files Project

Vladimir Tebloev
Dive into the DI frameworks for Android-applications and problems of code generation taking a look at the example of Dagger 2 on large projects. We are going to discuss Kodein as an alternative offered by the Kotlin community: review of scopes and bindings, advantages and future perspectives.

Kirill Bessonov,

App for Virtual Operator: from A to Z

Kirill Bessonov
Where to start: team recruiting, limitations, methods and libraries, Oss, etc. Learn about:
— Mobile Bank experience: for good or for bad;
— Mobile only case: tricks anв challenges;
— It is virtual: telecom part of back-end is somewhere there;
— Here are some pics: It is exclusive! You may not share it! (Oh, common, of course you can!);
— What's next: e-Sims, Apple Watch 3, IoT, etc.



System Approach to Graphic Resources Use

Learn about the Alfa Laboratory experience of systematization of the following processes: creating, storing and reusing icons for three platforms (iOS, Android, web).
Dmitry Kuzmin
Senior Developer, Alfa-Bank
Lev Bruk
Digital Product Designer , Alfa-Bank

Creating a Core Data stack with an extensible model. How to test the Core Data stack

The talk will cover all basic information about Core Data device: stack, configurations, repositories.
Vladimir Ozerov
iOS Developer, Sberbank
Alexey Ulyenkov
iOS Developer, Sberbank

Ilya Linnik, Evotor

Microservice Architecture on a Mobile Device

Ilya Linnik
The talk examines the architecture of system applications on a cash register device running on Android and touches on the basis of the philosophy of microservice architecture. Ilya will share his team experience of implementation of these services.

70% of orders, but not the Mobile-First

Learn how the development of a constantly evolving product for a mobile audience in the №1 Russian Food Tech Company is organized.
Nikita Kleschin
Android Team Leader at Delivery Club, Mail.Ru Group
Timur Nurov
iOS Team Lead at Delivery Club, Mail.Ru Group

iOS Codelabs

Join the tutorial session about Optional, Guard let, Struct and Value, Protocol Extension and other implementations. Revise the theory and enjoy hands-on coding experience.
Kirill Averyanov
iOS Developer, CocoaHeads
Sam Mejlumyan
iOS Developer, CocoaHeads
Nikita Maidanov
iOS Developer, CocoaHeads



Android Codelabs

From theory to practice: join the Codelabs session by Google, boost your skills and complete exciting tasks.
Zviad Kardava
Google Developer Expert & Developer Relations, Google


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